How to Check linux OS Version ?

How to Check CentOS Version ?

       There are several reasons, that why we need to check the centos version. For example if we need to downloads a SW package from the internet and install into the system. then we need to know that which version and OS bit is required to download. some times if we debugging some issue, generally we need check the ON version / SW version. 

so here we will see the multiple ways to check the CentOS version.

1- using rpm commands check Centos version:

rpm --query centos-release

2- using "hostnamectl" command:

hostnamectl command is supported by CentOS 7 and above versions. 

This command also display the Machine ID, Boot ID, hostname (server name) and kernel version also.


3- using "cat /etc/os-release"

cat /etc/os-release

For full OS version use command as below.

cat /etc/centos-release

4- How to check the system info.

      By using "lscpu" this command, we can check the number of Core, number of CPU, Number of NUMA node and NUMA setting, modal chipset, CPU Architecture and flags which are enabled in the systems.

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