5G(NR): NG Based Handover

 5G(NR): NG Based Handover


The basic handover procedures is same in any networks, i.e. UE reports measurement report with neighbor cell PCI and signal strength to source cell, source cell take the decision to start handover procedure to best target cell and Target Cell completes the Handover procedure.

  •  In 5G NG Handover is very similar to S1 Handover in LTE. NG handover is also called inter gNB and Intra AMF Handover. NG handover take place when X2 interface is not available between source gNB and Target gNB or if X2 interface is there but XnHO is not permitted restriction is there at gNB configuration. 
  • NG(N2) Handover can be Intra Frequency HO and Inter Frequency HO both.
  • Below is the NG handover architecture in 5G.

Below is the flow diagram of NG(N2) handover.

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