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DCI_Format 0_0 Decoder:

DCI Format 0_0:

This is used for the scheduling of PUSCH in a single cell and it is shared by gNB to UE in DL direction. UE is required to decode the UL grant on PDCCH, so that the UE can transmit PUSCH on UL Slot in Uplink. DCI 0_0 is mainly used for common search space signaling and UL Grant.

Field of DCI 0_0:

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Number of BWP RBs :

UL-DCI HexValue      :

Binary value :

DCI Fields No of bits Bits Decimal value
Identifier for DCI formats 1
Frequency domain resource assignment  
Time domain resource assignment 4
Frequency hopping flag 1
Modulation and coding scheme 5
New data indicator 1
Redundancy version 2
HARQ process number 4
TPC command for scheduled PUSCH 2
Padding Bits x
UL/SUL indicator x

RA-RNTI Calculator

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RA-RNTI Calculator

The RA-RNTI associated with the PRACH occasion in which the Random Access Preamble is transmitted, is computed as:

RA-RNTI = 1 + s_id + 14 × t_id + 14 × 80 × f_id + 14 × 80 × 8 × ul_carrier_id

Where: s_id:

the index of the first OFDM symbol of the specified PRACH (0 <= s_id < 14)

the index of the first slot symbol of the specified PRACH in a system frame (0 <= t_id < 80)
the index of the the specified PRACH in the frequency domain(0 <= s_id < 8)
ul_carrier_id :
UL carrier used for Msg1 transmission (0 = normal carrier, 1 = SUL carrier)