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AdSense doesn't know about your blog

 AdSense doesn't know about your blog:

             Friends this blog is about "when site and other tabs are not working in menu bar." on google adsense page. I am also the beginner in blogging and i also faced such issues while taking google adsense approval for site( But it is not an issue, Your site is under review by google. if any problem is with your site and blog, google will notify you by sending mail to you.

So friends, when you just apply for adsense approval and after some time you facing such issue like " AdSense doesn't know about your blog:". it means that your account is not activated yet from google ends. when google will activate your account below message will automatically removed from blogger.

adsense and blogger both are google products, so they can communicate and access each other functionality very efficiently and know each other.

If somehow, after activation of your google account still above issue is reported on your site. then you can visit adsense ~/Sites page and include your site URL. and nothing else...

Over the home page you will see that the google is saying that "We are working on setting you up". 
It means that google is having all the information regarding your site, which are needed for review your site. 
Because you have setup the adsense code in your html code in between <head>..</head> tag. by doing the same google can have access your site and start reviewing your site. and giving you the below message on adsense page.

So Don't be PANIC. your site is under review process.  If everything OK and your site fallows the google adsense policy. with in 3 to 4 days google will surly activate your account.

If there are some problem for accessing your site by google, then they will update you accordingly and will tell you the faults also.

After Activation:
When google will activate your adsense account this problem(AdSense doesn't know about your blog). will automatically removed and further instruction will come on blogger/adsense page. 

Need to check:
IF you are reading my blog, it means that you had did all the required changes for the adsense on blogger settings and adsense payments/settings pages. but if you didn't, please check.
1- place all your personal information in payments/settings pages on google adsense.
2- make sure that your robot.txt file allowing google for crawling and review you site.
3- make you post unique. google strictly check plagiarism.

Only quality of your blogs mattress in bloggings.